What is a baby?

A baby is a soft little hand,

curling warmly around your finger.

A baby is a lively little pair of legs,

kicking happily in the air after a bath.

A baby is a puckered and trembling

lower lip, trying hard,

oh so hard, to tell you something.

A baby is a cry in the night,

calling you swiftly

out of sleep and to its crib.

A baby is an eloquent pair of eyes,

one time dancing with glee...

another time staring at you with

sober reflection.

But above all a baby is a

priceless gift from God.

Those little hands must learn

to move in his service;

those little feet must

grow up to walk in his ways;

and those little eyes

must learn to focus on his Word.

~author unknown~

There is no greater miracle than a newborn child.

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